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No 1 PTC
Upgrades : starts from 80$ per year
Probux Strategy to Earn Profit

*** Probux is down and after working in very successful for 5 years it's leaning towards Scam
read more on Probux Scam: another Huge PTC gone Scam ***
*** Update 15-Oct-2015 after being unreachable for more than 48 hrs Probux site is live again; but still it's blocking payments with below message***

Payment Request
The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded.
Please try again at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, or 18:00 server time.

No 2 PTC 
Upgrades : starts from 90$ per year
Neobux Strategy to Earn Profit

King of PTC/1st model business....
Upgrade: 17$ per year
ClixSense Strategy to Earn Profit

Most profitable PTC/130 daily Ads 
Upgrade: starts from 39$ per year
Ojooo Strategy to Earn Profit
Most profitable PTC 
Upgrade: starts from 2.99$ per year
Paidverts Strategy to Earn Profit

​Hello there, I'm here to help you make some descent money with PTC sites by investing to them. In less than a month you will have an income of 500$ and that is only the beginning.A PTC investor in a period of 6 months may have stable profit 3000$ and more...The key to success is very simple...Just follow the 3 steps:

  • Choose a reliable,proved and trusted PTC site with trusted administrator. 
  • Upgrade your account and buy Rented Referrals 
  • Get Direct referrals by advertising your referral ad at other PTC sites.If you spent 30$ in ads in other PTC sites you can get 100+ Direct referrals in just a couple of days.

That's it!!!Now you can see your account in every PTC you have invest ,growing day by day!It's so simple!!And it's proved and legit!!The first month you can have more than 100$ profit per PTC site by this method,and in the next months you can reach easily 1000$/PTC site.If you consider that your initial and only investment per PTC is less than 100$ you can figure how much profitable can be the PTC world for a serious investor.

  1. DO NOT SIGN-UP in many PTC sites.Choose up to 10 PTC sites and concetrate on them.If you choose to sign-up in 50 PTC sites you will not be able to promote them strong enough and get Direct Referrals,which is very important 
  2. DO NOT SIGN-UP in ANY PTC site.Choose legit,tested,proved PTC sites,because a lot of PTC sites does not exist after 6 months so you are going to  waste your time with those PTC
  3. DO NOT EXPECT to make BIG money just by clicking ads without to invest in PTC sites.This is the biggest mistake that most people do!!!!You will be bored in a very sort time and you will leave very soon PTC world with no profits and a bad taste of experience.
  4. DO NOT BELIEVE stories that is very hard  to find direct referrals.With 6$ ad package to any legit PTC site you will have more than 30 direct referrals.I have tested myself this and its the best way to advertise your referral links and get direct referrals.So with just 30$ you can have 150 active referrals ,which means more than 100$ profit for you per month, from that PTC. 

Choose wisely where you will invest your money.Choose PTC sites with great history and trusted administrators

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